Fen Vet offers ambulatory and consultation services

Farm Animal Services

Fen Vet offers ambulatory and consultation services for cow-calf ranches, feedlots, backyard poultry flocks, and sheep farms. We also offer consultations for equine neonatal care, and multi-species reproduction.

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Traditional cow vet care with a modern twist. We offer ambulatory services for sick cattle, calvings, herd outbreaks, pregnancy diagnosis, and semen testing herd bulls. For customers that would like more from their farm vets, we can augment your vet relationship with tele-herd health consulting, customized online learning modules, data analytics, and virtual producer meetings.

Feedlot Medicine

Simplified and customized, a truly customer focused approach. No retainers, no head days, no contracts. Our experienced feedlot veterinarians charge hourly for their services, allowing you to scale up or scale back your veterinarian involvement. We will set up your herd health protocols, write prescriptions that can be filled with us or at other practices, do data analytics, treat sick animals, do post mortems, train teams, and more. We also offer modern conveniences like real time access to transparent pricing, and credit card payment processing! Click here to book an initial consultation with one of our feedlot veterinarians now.

Backyard Poultry Flocks
We aren’t board certified poultry specialists but we really like chickens, and we are always keen to help poultry producers access veterinary care. Whether it’s a flock health consult or individual health appointment, we are available. Email us to book an appointment or ask more questions about our program.
Sheep Farms
Accessing veterinarians who will do small ruminant medicine can be tricky. We have several veterinarians available to assist with routine flock health consults and health checks. Email us to book an appointment or ask more questions about our program.
Multi-species reproduction consult
We have veterinarians on staff that can give reproductive advice on a variety of farm animal species, including equine theriogenology. Give us a call or email info@fenvet.com to learn more.