Veterinary Care Evolved.

Why “Fen”?

A “fen” is a type of wetland, but that simple word means so much more. It’s an environment that functions as a whole, yet treats every organism as something unique. Are you ready to become a part of it?

An experience, not an errand.

When you visit our flagship Airdrie, AB location for wellness or urgent care, you’ll immediately sense something different about the world we’ve created for you.

No waiting rooms.

Upon entering, you’re immersed straight into our comfortable and welcoming exam room spaces. Your pet can explore, relax, and become a part of their Fen home.

Simple surprises.

From our use of technology to hidden design elements in the space, there’s an exciting list of things to discover about our Airdrie location. And because an ecosystem is always changing, there will always be more to uncover.

A team that’s caring & cared for.

You and your pets are a unique piece of the Fen Vet ecosystem, and so is our team. Authentically supporting our team members’ needs means they’ll pass that care onto your pet.

Pet wellness, checkups, and urgent care.

Book an appointment online instantly, give us a call, or just come in. Our amazing team is excited to meet you and make your visit as worry-free as possible.

We’re social animals.

Dr. Cody Creelman isn’t just our founder, he’s the force behind the Cody Creelman, Cow Vet brand that spans across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We plan to use social media to connect you to the Fen Vet ecosystem between veterinary visits. Here’s Dr. Creelman’s take on how you’ll get to interact with our team and our Fen Vet community online.

We’re looking for the right people to reimagine what the best of veterinary medicine can look like.